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In order to list properties for sale or auction, or place bids on auctions and submit offers for purchase on behalf of individual property owners or buyers, you must register an account on as a Broker/Agent and must meet the requirements of our Broker Participation Policy.

Broker/Agent must register buyer and submit Broker Participation Form at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the start of an auction.

1. Click on the Login/Register button at the top right corner of our website. You will be directed to the Log In/Create Account screen.
2. Enter your information into the Create Account form:
Create Account Form
First Name → Enter your first name.
Last Name → Enter your last name.
Email → Enter your email address.
Password → Set a password for your account.
Confirm Password → Re-enter the password you set for verification.
Select the Group(s) you want to sign up for → Select one or more Groups.

For more information about a Group, please click on the appropriate link.
  • Buyer → Required to place bids and purchase properties.
  • Seller → Required to offer properties for sale on
  • Broker/Agent → Required to register as a Real Estate Broker or Agent of behalf of a Buyer/Seller.
3. Complete the Broker/Agent Group Options:
Register Broker/Agent Options
What best describes you? → Please select one of the following:
  • Looking to market my properties
  • I am representing a buyer
  • I would like to assist as a cobroker.

Firm Name → Enter the name of your firm.

Firm Address → Enter the address of your firm.

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4. Click Register to submit the form.
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